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B2B SaaS Marketing Tips

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When we focus on backlink strategy with our clients, they’ve usually been feeling numerous the following pain points associated to backlinks:

* No one on their group has built backlinks before
* They aren’t certain how many hyperlinks they want to construct
* They aren’t sure if backlinks work or are really well price the effort

To the query of whether backlinksare well worth the effort, our answer is yes(see Ahrefs links from pages with site visitors study). We see link constructing as one of 3 important pillars of seo (SEO), along with technical search engine optimization, and SEOcontent— which we laid out in our publish on web optimization strategyfor SaaS.

In this article, we’re going to debate an important things SaaS companies need to grasp about backlink strategy, including what not to do, and give you actionable strategies that you ought to use to construct backlinks and increase the web page and domain authority of your web site.

Below we will cover:

Note: Link buildingis part of our SEOservices for B2B SaaS companies. Schedule a Free SaaS Scale Sessionto study extra about how we will drive leads for your business through web optimization.

What Makes a Piece of Content Linkable?
The first step to attracting prime quality backlinks is to have content that influential bloggers and excessive authority sites need to link to. The two qualities we think stand out as making content material inherently linkable are uniqueness and usefulness.

Unique Content
If you need to create distinctive content, the forms of content material we’ve discovered work best are thought leadership items,opinion pieces, and mission or value-driven content material.

Thought leadership articles present fresh insight or perspective in your product. With opinion pieces, you current contrarian perspectives that argue in opposition to standard knowledge in your marketplace.

The Scammers of the Blogging World— a chunk by ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry that calls out “get-rich quick” schemers — is an instance of this. Articles like this stir emotion inside us, and bothpeople who agree and disagree can be compelled to share.

And for mission or value-driven content, you explain your distinctive story about what led you to create your product, and how you clear up your customer’s issues in a unique way than other players in your market.

For example, in Problems with Email, “Hey” by Basecamp lays out a simple record of 25 issues with e-mail (that almost anyone could nod their head along to) that led them to creating their new e-mail product. This piece not solely makes a press release by calling out what’s mistaken with email, but it’s relatability and relevance to only about anybody makes it inherently sharable.

The other sort of content that’s nice for attracting inbound hyperlinks is content material that’s useful.

Useful Content
If you want to create helpful content, the forms of content we have discovered work best are shareable (often comprehensive) content property.

Shareable content includes your classic content material advertising assets like surveys, research, guides, or instruments. With surveys and studies, by creating or organizing statistics round your subject space, you construct authority and provide others in your trade a method to cite statistics in their own content.

A perfect example of this is the Ahrefsstudythat we linked to within the introduction. Think about it:

* They’re a SaaS company
* They created a study about link constructing (which their product helps to solve)
* And we (a business that’s intertwined with their industry) linked to it as a supply of authority

That’s what useful content material seems like when it’s working. And they’ve a full suite of comprehensive guides associated to their product as nicely:

These kinds of resources work properly because whenever you create one thing that teaches people things they need to be taught, they’re more probably to share it with their peers who could also benefit from it (not to say complete content like this tends to do nicely on Google).

The backside line: Every successful link building campaign must start with a strong foundation of linkable, high quality content — and thru our work with 35+ SaaS companies, distinctive and useful content material is what we’ve seen work the most effective.

Regarding how many hyperlinks you should construct, we get this question lots, and the answer is (as in plenty of cases of digital marketing): it relies upon.

If you’re attempting to extend the overall authority of your website, the variety of hyperlinks you need is probably going extra substantial. But if your objective is to boost the authority of a selected web page, one or two high quality links can sometimes be adequate to maneuver your web page considerably up the Google rankings.

Here are some factors to maintain in mind if you need to develop a baseline for what number of links are necessary:

1. How many related, prime quality hyperlinks rivals have in your desired key phrases
2. How fast they’re building these hyperlinks month over month (this known as hyperlink velocity)
three. What are some widespread backlinks that hyperlink to two or extra competitors (it’s doubtless that your web site will need links from those self same sources to catch up)

Once your baseline is established, the secret is to work on separately, monitor the impact, and proceed working on including extra backlinks as needed.

What if you want to build hyperlinks by outsourcing the task to a service? Are there white hat methods of doing this?

The reply: We don’t advocate constructing your backlink profile by utilizing a paid service because of the next related dangers:

1. Getting penalized by Google with a handbook penalty
2. The considerable effort of getting to reveal efforts in both identifying and eradicating what Google calls unnatural links
three. The undetermined time period and the associated loss in traffic and sales during a restoration interval

If you hire the incorrect service, they are prone to do you extra harm than good.

However, if you’re adamant about discovering a service to do it for you, the important thing thing we’d advocate is that you guarantee that they are reputable and take an editorial method to hyperlink building, meaning they write articles that get revealed on relevant industry web sites, linking out to your content naturally from articles.

Note: Link buildingis a part of our SEOservices for B2B SaaS firms. Schedule a Free SaaS Scale Sessionto be taught more about how we can drive leads for your corporation by way of web optimization.

6 Strategies for Building Backlinks to Your SaaS Website
Based on our experience constructing hyperlinks for SaaS web sites, these are the strategies we’ve found to be essentially the most impactful. For every technique, we’ve indicated both influence and ease as being both low, average, or high to help you prioritize which actions make the most sense for your small business.

1. Resource Link Building
This technique requires you to provide a useful and shareable content material asset (like those discussed in the “Useful Content” part above), corresponding to a survey, guide, or device that may be promoted on different web sites that list similarly relevant hyperlinks.

Once you have this content asset and are in a place to efficiently prospect for web sites that embrace these lists, it is typically minimal effort to contact the site proprietor to include your content material and a backlink to your web site.

Note: Any time you possibly can purchase a backlink with precise match anchor textual content (meaning the linked phrases on a web page match your major topic or goal keyword), it can act as further link juice. More on anchor textvia MOZ.

2. Broken Link Building
If an web site is incorrectly linking to a chunk of content that now not exists or is outdated and you have a alternative piece that is related and better high quality, you probably can attain out to the site owner to inform them of the dead hyperlink and offer your content material as an answer.

Often, this can include competitor content that was moved or deserted. This not only secures a model new link for your self — especially if it’s an authoritative website — you may also see that exact piece of content move up in the search engine rankings compared to your opponents.

three. Guest Posting
Contributing to related and authoritative web sites in your industry can also earn quality backlinks (and actively promote your brand in your voice which makes for excellent content).

While the impact of ‘guest blogging’ on any and all websites that will settle for new content material has become a played out strategy, there’s still vital value in incomes placements on the top community or editorial websites in your space.

However, you will want to produce contributor content material that stands on its own as useful to readers, not simply to Google search. If you are sharing your brand’s subject matter expertise then not only will you earn backlinks, however additionally, you will strengthen your brand and probably earn referral site visitors from visitor posts as nicely.

four. SaaS Directories and Review Sites
Listing your product on most of the numerous SaaS directories and review websites adds backlink fairness and social exposure to your model. Many of these in style websites receive massive volumes of site visitors as customers discover their choices for products, so it can be an excellent place for preliminary discovery.

Here are a few examples:

5. Common Competitors’ Backlinks
If your direct competitor has a backlink on an web site that they do not personal or particularly place themselves, your brand can typically safe a hyperlink as properly with minimal effort.

There are a couple opportunities to secure links from web sites the place your opponents are already mentioned.

1. If multiple competitors are listed but you aren’t, then the site proprietor can typically add you to the listing with minimal effort. For instance, within the SaaS area you may find multiple rivals listed on comparability or evaluation web sites.
2. If a competitor’s piece of content material is being linked to and you have a higher high quality asset to offer, you probably can negotiate with the positioning proprietor to switch their link with your individual. This has two benefits — you earn a backlink, and you take away a backlink from a competitor.

6. Unlinked Brand Mentions
If another web site mentions your brand in the form of plain text, or consists of your emblem or different asset without attributing back to your domain, you can typically reach out to the location owner to request a backlink.

This is a minimal effort, excessive impact opportunity as the website is already acquainted with your model and values your service or specific content asset.

Often, unlinked model mentions can be discovered on media or editorial websites which might be excessive authority. However, not all media web sites will overtly provide a backlink if they do not wish to particularly promote your domain, so success charges can vary.

Backlink Strategy Execution: Our 4 Step Process
With the above strategies in hand, you can use the following process to determine relevant link building opportunities, form useful relationships with industry influencers and websites, and secure backlinks by way of outreach and correct comply with ups.

Let’s kick things off with step 1.

1. Research
The first step is the research section where you’ll learn about your market and viewers. You wish to establish competitors with the highest authority, influencers with the biggest attain, and the types of content material which might be incomes hyperlinks.

There are two ways we go about doing this (and each are value pursuing).

The Usual Way
SERPand Backlink Analysis

1. Explore SERP’s to search out the top 20 websites rating for the key phrases you want to rank for.
2. Perform a backlink analysisto discover overlaps of where these explicit firms are getting links from (using a link building tool like Ahrefsor SEMrush).
3. Look for overlaps within the kinds of content getting linked to.

Find Influencersand Sources of Authority

This is the process of finding out which individuals your target market is likely following — the authority figures of their trade that may have personal brand websites.

In addition, it’s discovering probably the most related, high-authority pages in your trade. Learn more about the means to discover high authority pageswhere you’ll have the ability to search to get links.

The Underutilized Way
A mistake that plenty of link builders make is that they solely look at who is being linked to today, and neglect to look into the websites that don’t link to them or their competitors — which we predict is an underutilized technique.

To demonstrate how this works, let’s take our shopper Board on Trackwho makes software for constitution college boards. If we wished to find websites that aren’t presently linking to them or their competitors, we’d ask questions like:

* Where do charter faculty boards spend their money?
* What do they fund?
* What associations are they part of?
* What conferences do they attend?
* Are there other frequent software program services that they want and use of their work?

It’s a means of going out of the business to see where your audience mightalsobe prone to discover you.

Note: Learn more about our work with Board on Track in our article on customer-content fit workshops.

2. Prospecting
The second step is the prospecting section where we seek opportunities for constructing relationships with influential and authoritative web sites in your marketplace. If you may make pals with people and web sites who’ve a gentle stream of natural visitors to high-quality content, these are typically great hyperlink constructing alternatives.

If you wish to do guest posting, that is especially necessary as a result of these engagements require a extra established relationship than the opposite methods.

Some methods to go about prospecting embody:

* Attending conferences and different live business events
* Attending digital meetups or joining engaged online communities in your trade
* Creating a roundup article and asking influencers to share their information with your audience (learn about roundup articles and the opposite top types of B2B SaaS content)
* Becoming a valuable contributor to an industry LinkedIn group (with a focus on sharing value, not asking for favors)
* Contributing to related Twitter chats
* Building relationships with publishers and blogs in your niche
* Introducing or brokering content material relationships between two publishers or bloggers who could not know one another, the place each other’s content is complementary and helpful to their audiences

3. Outreach (Personalized Calls/Emails, Never Templated)
This subsequent step is whenever you attain out to the influencers and websites you’ve identified on behalf of your company. And you want to do it in a way that isn’t spammy.

While typically you’ll ask for a link (eg. with the broken hyperlink strategy), most of the time we truly suggest that you simply in a roundabout way ask for an internet site hyperlink unless it’s somebody you have built up a stable relationship with.

If you’re doing cold outreach, what you want to do is determine how one can add value for the recipient in a method the place you can also include a hyperlink to your piece of content material.

An example could be one thing like:

“Hey [NAME], I love the content material on your website. My staff is at present writing an article on ‘X’, and we’re questioning if you’d be open to trying out our outline. Would you be open to taking a look?”

If you were to receive a positive reply, you would send them the define for feedback. At this point, you’ve concerned them in your course of, began a relationship with them, and made them really feel that their perspective is valuable. And you may find yourself receiving an interesting suggestion from them that improves your content.

And then, you can respond back and say something like:

“Hey [NAME], we were planning on posting this on our website, but if you’d like, we’d be pleased to publish this on yours.”

And then see how they reply.

In this fashion you’ve framed it as extra of a favor than begging for a hyperlink. This isn’t perfect science and it won’t work on a regular basis, but hopefully this instance provides you an idea of the finesse required in link constructing outreach.

4. Follow Ups
One try to reach someone is commonly not sufficient. Your outreach should include a follow-up sequence to make sure that alternatives are given a fair attempt.

This doesn’t should be overcomplicated. If we don’t hear again on our first message, we’ll simply ship them a notice asking, “Did you see this?”

And we’ll send 2-3 follow ups in total.

4 Rules of What NOTto Do When Building Backlinks
1. Do not engage in any black-hat tacticsthat may potentially get you penalized. This can include anything from spun content, hyperlink automation tools, and so on. If you’re not sure a few tactic, speak to your friends or seek out recommendation to clarify.
2. Do not be impolite to outreach prospects, even when they’re rude to you. Remember that you are representing your brand if you do outreach and that you have to conduct yourself accordingly.
three. Do not make promises about what you’ll be able to ship in trade for a link with out first consulting your team (eg. sharing on social media, etc.).
4. Don’t pitch irrelevant retailers – if your content material doesn’t add value and fit with their website, it’s a foul thought.
5. Make it all about you.

If you’re going to speculate sources in creating content for web optimization, not constructing hyperlinks to it will be a huge missed alternative. Plus, link constructing may be a good way to make relationships!

After all, if your content material is truly useful, folks can really profit from studying and sharing it, they usually need to see it. You simply have to assist it come across their awareness in the proper way.

To sum all the above up, should you can…

* Create superior, valuable content material
* Form relationships with the proper folks
* Do outreach in a respectful method, working your content assets in with finesse

… you can get relevant backlinks and reap the advantages of these in the search rankings.

We do hyperlink buildingas part of our SEOservices for B2B SaaS firms. Schedule a Free SaaS Scale Sessionto learn extra about how we are ready to drive leads for your corporation via search engine optimization.

Backlink Strategy A Focused Guide For B2B SaaS Companies
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